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Case Studies

Revitalizing a Brand: Marketing Strategy & Brand Ambassadors

Brand: Courvoisier

In the early 2000s, Courvoisier was a popular French cognac and marketed as the go-to brand for those having a good time. Over the years, however, Courvoisier lost its popularity and prestige, and sales plummeted. In 2014, however, it gained a second chance when Beam Suntory added the brand to its distilled beverage portfolio. Struggling with less mainstream publicity, Courvoisier needed to find a way to reach its target market once again.

Charismatic Services: Team Leads, Market Managers, and Brand Ambassadors

Right away, Charismatic matched Courvoisier’s needs with the ideal staff. We then conducted a brand training to increase excitement, knowledge, and comfort with Courvoisier’s brand message. Promotional events were scheduled weekly over the course of 6 month periods to expand the brand’s reach and allow consumers to become more familiar with the brand.

With our direct marketing and strategic approach to consumer interactions, our model staff increased bottle sales of Courvoisier cases (750ml) by 45% in the first 6 months alone

With such great sales success, we expanded the campaign to six more major cities. Courvoisier complemented this exciting momentum with new, nationwide packaging and a focus on experiential and corporate audiences. Today, the brand’s sales have dramatically increased and they have a strong presence in their market. The Charismatic team is proud to share our talents with their brand and have such a positive influence on their revenue and their future!

Making an Impact: Trade Show Talent & Lead Generation

Brand: BSU Enterprises

BSU Enterprises had a new product ready for launch, but didn’t know the best way to make a real impact. They came to the Charismatic Agency to identify how they could make their new product a success in the market.

Charismatic Services: Trade Show and Lead Generation Staff

In this case, Charismatic leadership knew that a trade show was an excellent place to launch the product and generate valuable leads for future marketing. The first step was working with BSU Enterprises to understand the brand image and target market.

Once identified, our lead generation veteran coordinated a rotation plan, according to the booth location, to maximize the staff reach of attendees. We also used an app to keep track of real-time leads generated by each staff member, creating a fun and competitive atmosphere throughout the day.

As a result, each staff member captured 30-40 leads per hour over a 4-day show. Within the following month, more than 50 product orders were confirmed and another 100 were in pending status. BSU was blown away by these results and extremely pleased with the growth of their product sales. 

Today, BSU continues to reach customers nationally with the lead generation and promotional staff support of Charismatic Agency. We appreciate our partnership with this fast growing company!

Increasing Sales: Product Demonstrations

Brand: Case Mate

Electronics is one of the fastest growing industries and the accessories are often trying to keep up the same pace. Case Mate was no exception as one of the top 5 cellular accessory companies in the United States. Over the years, Case Mate differentiated their brand by offering creative, unique features for their accessories, like real leather and crystals. However, sales weren’t doing as well as they should have been and a lack of education and awareness was the reason.

Charismatic Services: Product Specialists, Trainers, and Territory Managers

Charismatic Agency worked closely with Case Mare to develop a strategic sales improvement plan. This included hiring Product Trainers to contact wireless device retailers in the major markets. The Trainers scheduled management training, provided in store demonstrations, and fostered excitement about the many brand features and benefits. Mock client demonstrations, sales tips, and other direct sales tools were also integrated into this training to increase the success of direct customer interactions.

As a result, managers and staff alike felt more comfortable highlighting the great features of Case Mate’s accessories, while using sales tactics learned during the training. In-store staff and managers successfully conveyed this exciting brand messaging with customers and increased sales of Case Mate accessories by 45-50% within 6 months.  

Whether it’s an ongoing campaign or a one-time fix, Charismatic Agency is always here to provide the brand promotions you need.

Decades of Nationwide Experience

Whether you’re planning an exciting brand launch or a 5,000-person conference, Charismatic Agency knows how to take your event from routine to never before seen, with high-impact experiential marketing and engaging brand ambassadors from coast to coast.

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